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Poker players all over the State of Washington have been left out in the cold from enjoying their favorite pastime at their favorite poker site, PokerStars because of the Supreme Courts standing verdict, which prohibits online gambling in its State.

Spokespersons from PokerStars have maintained that they are operating within the US laws and its activities in the US were legal since no state or federal law named them specifically or banned their piggs peak flash online casino of gambling.

InWashington State legislature passed a law that made online gambling illegal in its state and is punishable as a Class C felony which essentially labels online gambling in the same offense as child molestation and carries a penalty of up to a year in jail. This law also includes advertisers of online gaming, which covers websites that promote. Its been a very busy news week in the online gambling world and because there have been so many interesting and important issues and promotions being offered by many of our recommended online gaming sites, we felt it would do our readers good to have a little end of the week review of the news and events that took place this last week of September.

Therefore, if you missed a day or two of online gaming news, here are some of the highlights! Virgin Casino announces the brand new slot game Alice in Wonderland to become live on Sept. To celebrate this beautiful new slot machine Virgin Casino is having a little contest that runs from Sept. Twelve great prizes are being offered to slot players just for stopping by and spinning the reels of this fantastic brand new multi pay line slot game. These are some great prizes and some of the best electronic gifts available to give someone who loves technology.

For all you alley cats out there, this slot game is for you! Bowled Over is a realistic looking Islot game with all the bowling alley symbols and sounds you would expect from any ten pin! Bowlers, balls, funny shoes, pins and some great special features are included. Free http://surrex.info/online-casino-canada-forum.php, expanding wild symbols and a whole lot of fun on this 5 reel, 20 pay line slot game.

In a move that has online gamblers in the USA anxious and upset, the Obama administration has put a proposal on the table that would in effect record all International Electronic Fund Transfers, which would include online gaming transactions. The Piggs peak flash online casino Department claims that this new proposal is aimed at catching money launderers with links to terrorism and piggs peak flash online casino illegal entities. If this new proposal becomes law, it will be extremely hard and very hazardous for online gamblers to make any type of gaming transactions because banks will be obligated to report on a weekly basis all international banking transactions including online gambing.

Online piggs peak flash online casino have been discussing piggs peak flash online casino new law proposal at numerous gambling forums and the consensus is of great concern that this would make it very easy for read article US government to track online gambling transactions that until now have flown under the radar. In an unexpected move this week the online casino gaming software company Boss Media has pulled all of its online casinos from Canadian players by blocking them from logging into any of their gaming establishments.

Canadian players were surprised and puzzled by the unexpected move and left them wondering why. One of their players received the following email this week: We are still waiting on Boss Media to announce or make a statement on how they came to this unexpected decision and the feedback from Canadian players. We will update our report as statements are made public.

The new launch date has not been set yet, further details are still emerging, and we will be sure to piggs peak flash online casino any news coming forth in the near future. Some big major online casinos have decided they no longer want Canadian gamblers downloading their full version casinos, but they can still play at their instant flash casinos.

Does this make any sense to you because I piggs peak flash online casino never heard of such a thing piggs peak flash online casino am piggs peak flash online casino little taken back by this move. Bwin is one of the big online casinos that has initiated this bold move and sent out the following email to all Canadian players:. Although players will still be able to play at our instant flash casino with some of your favorite casino games available to play.

Why the instant flash casinos are still available to play learn more here for Canadian players is another mystery that we will keep an open ear for and report are findings to you in piggs peak flash online casino future.

The company paddy bonus power deposito now found itself in financial difficulty and has asked that its shares be suspended until such time that they can clarify its financial position. Since his first big win, he has not come close to winning again with such news making fashion.

The Internet Gaming Tycoon, Daniel Tzvetkoff was released on bail after being arrested in Las Vegas while at a conference for operating an illegal gaming money processor for online casinos.

Now facing criminal and federal charges for rendering services for online casinos that are operating inside the USA illegally he has gotten out on bail and even though he is believed to be bankrupt there is speculation over where the bail out money came from.

This whole story is bizarre and secretive including how he got out of jail. He was secretly released from jail after a court hearing in August where he made a plea that is not known, he is now a free man until his next court hearing. If this is true, will the US government drop the charges against Tzvetkoff for his cooperation or charge him with lesser charges? While he is out on bail it has been said he has to surrender his passport and wear a GPS bracelet at all times.

Will the story unravel in book like fashion or maybe a Hollywood movie, we will have to wait and see what is next in this US Department of Justice special. In an unbelievably fast turn around, Sportingbet. Now investors believe the group will become a centerpiece for a takeover bid looking to ready themselves for the opening of the US online gambling market. After extensive negotiations, this settlement was completed yesterday and immediately shares rose from 7bp to 77bp.

Different opinions have been reported on what may be next for Sportingbet. Sportingbet Chief Executive Andrew McIver said that even though only the firm, not the directors of the company were exempt from prosecution, the DOJ have given no indication that they had any interest in launching more actions against the company or its directors.

McIver said this rise in shares gives Sportingbet more power and stronger currency enabling it to buy click at this page entities. Dealing with the Piggs peak flash online casino Congress can be time consuming whenever trying to accomplish anything in the United States.

Congress takes so many days off for so many different reasons it is a miracle anything ever gets accomplished. Barney Franks HR is the next time constraint victim to come out of Piggs peak flash online casino Hill with the very real possibility that the bill called HR piggs peak flash online casino not reach the congress floor before the November Elections which mean the online gambling laws, which millions of online gamblers have been anticipating would be finally legalized will have to wait until for any new beginnings or endings to take place.

There is a slight chance that the HR bill could be piggy backed on another bill especially the bill introduced by Rep. Jim McDermott, who set up an infrastructure to tax internet gambling which is now sitting in the House of Ways and Means Committee to be marked up soon so that the two bills can be pushed piggs peak flash online casino together.

This may or may not happen before the lame duck session. All information below is strictly private and will only be used to help the casino locate your account.

Casino Scam Report, Safe Online Casino Reviews Operating sinceCasino Scam Report is founded on the principal of helping to educate players avoid online casinos that practice below industry standards.

Copyright - www. How to Avoid an Online Casino Scam? Bwin is one of the big online casinos that has initiated this bold move and piggs peak flash online casino out the following email to all Canadian players: Safe, Secure Online Casinos?

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